Super Spontan Upsize 2015 Episod 4

Super Spontan is an improvisational comedy sketch show where a total of ten contestants from Singapore and Malaysia compete in various comedy sketch challenges. Contestants made up of celebrities, comedians and actors will be split into two teams with five players in each team, and headed by team managers, Rashid Salleh and Sani Hussin respectively. Team managers will be responsible for leading and strategizing for their team.

The series is hosted by Najip Ali with judges Afdlin from Malaysia and Suhaimi Yusof from Singapore.

Kumpulan: Selamba Kodok
Pengurusi: Rashid Salleh
Pemain: Yus Jambu, Fuzz, Ajak Shiro, Bijan, Farhana

Kumpulan: Gajah Gerek
Pengurusi: Sani Huessein
Pemain: Rahim Artu, Din, Mamat, Zulin, Johan
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