Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) - Full Movie

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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

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Agent 47, a genetically engineered assassin, teams up with Katia Van Dees, an on-the-run young woman who is in search of her true ancestry and the whereabouts of her father. Together, they fight against an organization called Syndicate International.

Language: English
Classification: NA
General Release Date: 27 Aug 2015
Genre: Action / Thriller / Crime
Running Time: Not Available
Distributor: 20TH CENTURY FOX
Cast: Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, Thomas Kretschmann, Hannah Ware
Director: Aleksander Bach
Format: 2D

Tonton|Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) - Full Movie

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